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diff --git a/utils.h b/utils.h
index 091f8fab..a82d46f6 100644
--- a/utils.h
+++ b/utils.h
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include "btrfs-list.h"
#include "sizes.h"
#include "messages.h"
+#include "ioctl.h"
#define BTRFS_SCAN_MOUNTED (1ULL << 0)
#define BTRFS_SCAN_LBLKID (1ULL << 1)
@@ -68,6 +69,14 @@ void units_set_base(unsigned *units, unsigned base);
#define PREP_DEVICE_DISCARD (1U << 1)
#define PREP_DEVICE_VERBOSE (1U << 2)
+#define SEEN_FSID_HASH_SIZE 256
+struct seen_fsid {
+ u8 fsid[BTRFS_FSID_SIZE];
+ struct seen_fsid *next;
+ DIR *dirstream;
+ int fd;
int btrfs_make_root_dir(struct btrfs_trans_handle *trans,
struct btrfs_root *root, u64 objectid);
int btrfs_prepare_device(int fd, const char *file, u64 *block_count_ret,
@@ -100,6 +109,13 @@ int open_file_or_dir3(const char *fname, DIR **dirstream, int open_flags);
void close_file_or_dir(int fd, DIR *dirstream);
int get_fs_info(const char *path, struct btrfs_ioctl_fs_info_args *fi_args,
struct btrfs_ioctl_dev_info_args **di_ret);
+int get_fsid(const char *path, u8 *fsid, int silent);
+int is_seen_fsid(u8 *fsid, struct seen_fsid *seen_fsid_hash[]);
+int add_seen_fsid(u8 *fsid, struct seen_fsid *seen_fsid_hash[],
+ int fd, DIR *dirstream);
+void free_seen_fsid(struct seen_fsid *seen_fsid_hash[]);
int get_label(const char *btrfs_dev, char *label);
int set_label(const char *btrfs_dev, const char *label);
@@ -108,7 +124,9 @@ int is_block_device(const char *file);
int is_mount_point(const char *file);
int check_arg_type(const char *input);
int open_path_or_dev_mnt(const char *path, DIR **dirstream, int verbose);
+int btrfs_open(const char *path, DIR **dirstream, int verbose, int dir_only);
int btrfs_open_dir(const char *path, DIR **dirstream, int verbose);
+int btrfs_open_file_or_dir(const char *path, DIR **dirstream, int verbose);
u64 btrfs_device_size(int fd, struct stat *st);
/* Helper to always get proper size of the destination string */
#define strncpy_null(dest, src) __strncpy_null(dest, src, sizeof(dest))
@@ -151,6 +169,8 @@ unsigned int get_unit_mode_from_arg(int *argc, char *argv[], int df_mode);
int string_is_numerical(const char *str);
int prefixcmp(const char *str, const char *prefix);
+unsigned long total_memory(void);
* Global program state, configurable by command line and available to
* functions without extra context passing.