path: root/btrfstune.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* btrfs-progs: drop feature defines from C files, in favour of CFLAGS definesDimitri John Ledkov2015-01-27
* btrfs-progs: btrfstune: force to set seeding flagsFan Chengniang2015-01-19
* btrfs-progs: btrfstune: fix multiple options errorFan Chengniang2015-01-14
* btrfs-progs: add ask_user confirmation for btrfstune clear seeding flagGui Hecheng2014-08-22
* btrfs-progs: use check_argc_* to check arg number for all toolsGui Hecheng2014-08-22
* btrfs-progs: clarify manpage for btrfstune seeding optionGui Hecheng2014-08-22
* btrfs-progs: judge the return value of check_mounted more accuratelyGui Hecheng2014-03-21
* Btrfs-progs: switch to arg_strtou64() part3Wang Shilong2014-03-21
* btrfs-progs: fix btrfstune silence on failureGui Hecheng2014-01-31
* Btrfs-progs: rework open_ctree to take flags, add a new one V2Josef Bacik2013-11-07
* btrfs-progs: mark static & remove unused from non-kernel codeEric Sandeen2013-09-03
* Btrfs-progs: add a free space cache checker to fsck V2Josef Bacik2013-04-23
* Btrfs-progs: add skinny metadata support to progs V3Josef Bacik2013-04-23
* btrfs-progs: separate super_copy out of fs_infoDavid Sterba2013-03-10
* btrfsprogs: btrfstune support for extended inode refsMark Fasheh2013-02-21
* btrfs-progs: Handle errors returned from open_ctreeDanny Kukawka2013-01-21
* update btrfs-progs for seed device supportYan Zheng2008-11-18