path: root/cmds-balance.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* btrfs-progs: cleanup option index argument from getopt_longDavid Sterba2015-04-08
* btrfs-progs: drop old fi balance syntax from helpDavid Sterba2015-02-02
* btrfs-progs: unify getopt table terminatorsDavid Sterba2015-01-21
* btrfs-progs: make getopt tables static constDavid Sterba2015-01-19
* btrfs-progs: balance filter: add limit of processed chunksDavid Sterba2014-08-22
* btrfs-progs: fix minor grammar issuesMitchel Humpherys2014-01-31
* Btrfs-progs: fix magic return value in cmds-balance.cWang Shilong2013-10-16
* btrfs-progs: use NULL instead of 0Zach Brown2013-09-03
* Btrfs-progs: fix closing of opendir()Wang Shilong2013-08-09
* btrfs-progs: no pending balance is not an errorAnand Jain2013-04-23
* btrfs-progs: initialize save_ptr prior to strtok_rEric Sandeen2013-02-27
* Btrfs-progs: make 0 a valid usage filter argumentIlya Dryomov2013-02-13
* Merge branch 'for-chris' of git:// into ...Chris Mason2013-02-06
| * Btrfs-progs: move open_file_or_dir() to utils.cAnand Jain2013-01-30
| * Btrfs-progs: Fix typo in balance start usage; filetrs -> filters.Andreas Fischer2013-01-22
* | Add basic RAID[56] supportDavid Woodhouse2013-02-01
* Btrfs-progs: allow multi-line command group synopsisIlya Dryomov2012-02-08
* Btrfs-progs: fall back to the v1 ioctl if the new balance ioctl failsChris Mason2012-02-05
* Btrfs-progs: add restriper commandsIlya Dryomov2012-02-03
* Btrfs-progs: add 'balance' command group infrastructureIlya Dryomov2012-02-03