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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Btrfs-progs: fix unaligned accessesArne Jansen2013-01-17
* btrfs-progs: limit the max value of leafsize and nodesizeRobin Dong2012-10-04
* Btrfs-progs: enhance btrfs subvol list only to show read-only snapshotsMiao Xie2012-10-04
* Btrfs-progs: fix wrong way to check if the root item contains otime and uuidMiao Xie2012-10-04
* Btrfs progs: quota groups supportArne Jansen2012-09-04
* Btrfs-progs: update btrfs-progs for subvol uuid+times supportAlexander Block2012-07-26
* Merge branch 'for-chris' of git:// into 0.20Chris Mason2012-07-05
| * Btrfs-progs: make print-tree.c aware of free space cacheIlya Dryomov2012-03-13
| * Btrfs-progs: bring 'subvol get-default' back inIlya Dryomov2012-03-12
* | btrfs-progs: cleanup: remove the redundant BTRFS_CSUM_TYPE_CRC32 macro defini...Wang Sheng-Hui2012-06-05
* | Add incompat flag for big metadata blocksChris Mason2012-03-28
* Btrfsck: add the ability to prune corrupt extent allocation tree blocksChris Mason2012-02-21
* btrfsck: remove extents from the fsck reference tracker as they are freedChris Mason2012-02-10
* btrfsck: add --init-csum-tree to replace the csum root with an empty oneChris Mason2012-02-09
* btrfsck: fix block group accounting during repairChris Mason2012-02-08
* btrfsck: add code to rebuild extent recordsChris Mason2012-02-07
* Btrfs-progs: add restriper headersIlya Dryomov2012-02-03
* Btrfs: add the tree history log to btrfs-progsChris Mason2011-11-05
* btrfs-progs: add a recovery utility to pull files from damanged filesystemsJosef Bacik2011-10-27
* btrfs-progs: scrub ioctlsJan Schmidt2011-10-25
* Update for lzo supportLi Zefan2011-10-25
* Btrfs-progs: add support for mixed data+metadata block groupsJosef Bacik2011-10-25
* Btrfs-progs: update super fields for space cacheJosef Bacik2011-10-25
* fix incompat flagsJosef Bacik2010-09-23
* Add btrfs subvol find-new commandChris Mason2010-03-18
* Add btrfs-list for listing subvolumesChris Mason2010-02-28
* Mixed back reference (FORWARD ROLLING FORMAT CHANGE)Chris Mason2009-06-08
* Add scan of the btrfs log tree to btrfs-debug-treeChris Mason2009-04-15
* Add semantic checks to btrfsck for files and directoriesYan Zheng2009-01-07
* Btrfs: update converter for the new disk formatYan Zheng2008-12-17
* Btrfs: Add inode sequence number for NFS and reserved space in a few structsChris Mason2008-12-08
* Btrfs: move data checksumming into a dedicated treeChris Mason2008-12-08
* Rev the disk format for the compat code and the csum selectionChris Mason2008-12-02
* btrfs-progs: support for different csum algorithimsJosef Bacik2008-12-02
* btrfs-progs: add support for compat flagsJosef Bacik2008-12-02
* Btrfs image toolYan Zheng2008-11-20
* Update the super magic string to match the seed and root format changesChris Mason2008-11-18
* Add disk format requirements for subvol backward and forward refsChris Mason2008-11-18
* update btrfs-progs for seed device supportYan Zheng2008-11-18
* Add fallocate support v2Yan Zheng2008-10-31
* Rev the disk format for compression and root pointer generation fieldsChris Mason2008-10-29
* Add root tree pointer transaction idsYan Zheng2008-10-29
* Add disk format elements for compressionChris Mason2008-10-29
* Rev the disk format for the new back reference formatChris Mason2008-10-09
* Count space allocated to file in bytesYan Zheng2008-10-09
* Remove offset field from struct btrfs_extent_refYan Zheng2008-10-09
* Full back reference supportZheng Yan2008-09-23
* Disk format changes required for write ahead tree logChris Mason2008-09-05
* Rev the disk formatChris Mason2008-08-21
* btrfs-progs: add orphan support to print-treeJosef Bacik2008-07-30