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* Fix btrfs send of snapshots stored in /. Closes: #920886.HEADdebian/4.20.1-2archive/debian/4.20.1-2masterDimitri John Ledkov2019-02-09
* New upstream releaseDimitri John Ledkov2019-01-26
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-12-11
* Package libbtrfs, libbtrfsutil, and python bindings.Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-14
* Update packaging for 4.16.1Dimitri John Ledkov2018-05-14
* New upstream release.Dimitri John Ledkov2017-10-18
* Fix FTCBFS: cross.patch: Indirect pkg-config invocations through $PKG_CONFIG ...Dimitri John Ledkov2017-02-13