path: root/dir-item.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Update btrfs-progs to match kernel sourcesYan2008-01-04
* Update btrfs-progs to better match the kernelYan2007-12-05
* xattr support for btrfs-progsJosef Bacik2007-11-16
* Allow large blocksChris Mason2007-10-15
* add GPLv2Chris Mason2007-06-12
* bring back the inode number directory indexChris Mason2007-04-19
* key flag reorgChris Mason2007-04-18
* start of support for subvolumesChris Mason2007-04-06
* finish off inode indexing in dirs, add overflowsChris Mason2007-04-05
* dir inode indexChris Mason2007-04-04
* create a root dir in mkfsChris Mason2007-03-21
* transaction handles everywhereChris Mason2007-03-16
* add a name_len to dir items, reorder keyChris Mason2007-03-16
* directory testing code and dir item fixesChris Mason2007-03-15
* Use a chunk of the key flags to record the item type.Chris Mason2007-03-15