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* Merge branch 'for-chris' of git:// into ...Chris Mason2013-02-06
| * Btrfs-progs: use btrfs_lookup_first_block_group when fixing accountingJosef Bacik2013-02-01
* | Add basic RAID[56] supportDavid Woodhouse2013-02-01
* | Fix alignment during allocationsChris Mason2013-02-01
* btrfsck: add early code to handle corrupted block groupsChris Mason2012-02-22
* btrfsck: remove extents from the fsck reference tracker as they are freedChris Mason2012-02-10
* btrfsck: make sure we fix the block group accounting during repairChris Mason2012-02-09
* btrfsck: make sure to dirty all block groups as we fix accountingChris Mason2012-02-09
* btrfsck: fix block group accounting during repairChris Mason2012-02-08
* btrfs-corrupt-block: add -E option to randomly corrupt the extent_rootChris Mason2012-02-07
* btrfsck: add code to rebuild extent recordsChris Mason2012-02-07
* btrfs-progs: add a recovery utility to pull files from damanged filesystemsJosef Bacik2011-10-27
* btrfs progs: fix extra metadata chunk allocation in --mixed caseArne Jansen2011-10-25
* btrfs-progs: cast u64 to long long to avoid printf warningsAnton Blanchard2011-10-25
* Fix unused-but-set errors in gcc-4.6Chris Ball2011-10-25
* Check for RAID10 in set_avail_alloc_bitsChris Mason2011-04-22
* Check duplicate backrefs for both data and metadataYan Zheng2009-06-11
* Make sure all dirty blocks are written at commit timeYan Zheng2009-06-08
* Update converter for the new formatYan Zheng2009-06-08
* Mixed back reference (FORWARD ROLLING FORMAT CHANGE)Chris Mason2009-06-08
* Fix printf format casting errorsLuca Bruno2009-06-03
* Add semantic checks to btrfsck for files and directoriesYan Zheng2009-01-07
* Btrfs: update converter for the new disk formatYan Zheng2008-12-17
* superblock duplicationYan Zheng2008-12-05
* update btrfs-progs for seed device supportYan Zheng2008-11-18
* Remove offset field from struct btrfs_extent_refYan Zheng2008-10-09
* Full back reference supportZheng Yan2008-09-23
* Verify parent generation number on btree readsChris Mason2008-05-13
* Pass down the expected generation number when reading tree blocksChris Mason2008-05-12
* Speed improvement and bug fixes for ext3 converterYan Zheng2008-04-24
* Fix balance_level to free the middle block if there is room in the left oneChris Mason2008-04-24
* Update the Ext3 converterChris Mason2008-04-22
* Add chunk uuids and update multi-device back referencesChris Mason2008-04-15
* Don't allow written blocks from this transaction to be reallocatedChris Mason2008-04-04
* Recow all roots at the end of mkfsChris Mason2008-04-04
* Add support for single single duplication of metadataChris Mason2008-04-03
* Add mirroring support across multiple drivesChris Mason2008-04-03
* btrfs-progs: Fix printf format casting errorsAlex Chiang2008-04-01
* Implement raid0 when multiple devices are presentChris Mason2008-03-25
* Walk all block devices looking for btrfsChris Mason2008-03-24
* Dynamic chunk allocationChris Mason2008-03-24
* Add support for multiple devices per filesystemChris Mason2008-03-24
* Remove extent back refs in batches, and avoid duplicate searchesChris Mason2008-03-04
* Add debugging for block group update failureChris Mason2008-02-04
* Insert extent record and the first backref in a single balanceChris Mason2008-03-04
* Tune readahead during defrag to avoid reading too much at onceChris Mason2008-01-24
* Rename the extent_map code to extent_ioChris Mason2008-03-04
* Hash in the owner and offset for file extent backref keysChris Mason2008-02-01
* A few update for btrfs-progsYan2008-01-08
* Update find_free_extent for the ext3 conversion toolYan2008-01-04