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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Update btrfs-progs to better match the kernelYan2007-12-05
* i386 fixes from axboeChris Mason2007-06-12
* add GPLv2Chris Mason2007-06-12
* endian fixes, makefile fixesChris Mason2007-06-07
* add owner and type fields to the extents aand block headersChris Mason2007-04-20
* sync up with kernel sourcesChris Mason2007-04-02
* Use a chunk of the key flags to record the item type.Chris Mason2007-03-15
* struct key endian fixesChris Mason2007-03-12
* Add sparse endian annotations to struct headerChris Mason2007-03-12
* u64 cleanupsChris Mason2007-02-26
* Add backing store, memory managementChris Mason2007-02-02
* Faster deletes, add Makefile and kerncompatChris Mason2007-01-26