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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* start of support for subvolumesChris Mason2007-04-06
* uuidsChris Mason2007-04-05
* sync up with kernel sourcesChris Mason2007-04-02
* generations on headersChris Mason2007-03-26
* mkfs and dir-test fixesChris Mason2007-03-22
* create a root dir in mkfsChris Mason2007-03-21
* Better block record keeping, real mkfsChris Mason2007-03-20
* Add inode map, and the start of file extent itemsChris Mason2007-03-20
* Use a chunk of the key flags to record the item type.Chris Mason2007-03-15
* variable block size supportChris Mason2007-03-14
* Change the super to point to a tree of trees to enable persistent snapshotsChris Mason2007-03-13
* rename funcs and structs to btrfsChris Mason2007-03-13
* struct extent_item endianChris Mason2007-03-13
* struct item endian fixesChris Mason2007-03-12
* struct key endian fixesChris Mason2007-03-12
* get/set for struct header fieldsChris Mason2007-03-12
* Block sized tree extents and extent deletionChris Mason2007-02-23
* extent fixesChris Mason2007-02-21
* add mkfs.cChris Mason2007-02-20