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committerBozhidar Batsov <>2017-12-11 16:09:54 +0000
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Replace `if-let` and `when-let` with starred versions
Fix #2130. Emacs 26 obsoletes `if-let` and `when-let`, replacing them with `if-let*` and `when-let*`. This raises byte-compilation warnings (treated as errors) when testing against Emacs 26. See:
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diff --git a/cider-macroexpansion.el b/cider-macroexpansion.el
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--- a/cider-macroexpansion.el
+++ b/cider-macroexpansion.el
@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ This variable specifies both what was expanded and the expander.")
(defun cider-macroexpand-expr (expander expr)
"Macroexpand, use EXPANDER, the given EXPR."
- (when-let ((expansion (cider-sync-request:macroexpand expander expr)))
+ (when-let* ((expansion (cider-sync-request:macroexpand expander expr)))
(setq cider-last-macroexpand-expression expr)
(cider-initialize-macroexpansion-buffer expansion (cider-current-ns))))