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* Disable indent-tabs-mode in a more explicit fashionBozhidar Batsov2018-10-08
* Remove duplicated elisp section in .dir-locals.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-19
* New connection API and jack-in rewrite (#2324)Vitalie Spinu2018-06-17
* [Fix #2199] Implement elisp-lint.el in CINeil Okamoto2018-03-05
* [Fix #2211] Scope .dir-locals.el settings to specific modes (#2221)Gregory Ganley2018-03-04
* [#1352] Documentation complies with checkdoc styleChaitanya Koparkar2016-04-06
* Remove Nameless vars from .dir-locals.elArtur Malabarba2015-11-04
* Add bug-reference-bug-regexp and bug-reference-url-formatArtur Malabarba2015-11-04
* Add .dir-localsArtur Malabarba2015-10-28
* Set checkdoc-arguments-in-order-flag to nilBozhidar Batsov2015-04-16
* Enforce code style via .dir-locals.elBozhidar Batsov2014-04-26