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* Update to nrepl 0.6.0 / cider-nrepl 0.21.0Michael Griffiths2019-03-15
* Bump the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2019-01-01
* Use symbols for repl types instead of strings and efficient comparisonsDieter Komendera2018-11-18
* [Fix #2466] Make generic cider ops use any available nrepl connectionDieter Komendera2018-10-08
* Fix an error messageBozhidar Batsov2018-09-26
* Tweak an error messageBozhidar Batsov2018-09-26
* Update a few references to the legacy tools.nreplBozhidar Batsov2018-08-12
* Fix classpath libs functionality on Windows (#2356)Kevin Jiang2018-06-30
* [Fix #2317] Allow cancelling stdin promptTimo Freiberg2018-06-30
* Move the cider-find-var functionality to cider-find.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-26
* [Fix #2203] Rename cider-interaction.el to cider-eval.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-25
* Gut the cider-stdin-handlerBozhidar Batsov2018-06-24
* [#2203] Move stdin handling to cider-client.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-24
* [#2203] Move cider-interrupt-handler to cider-client.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-24
* Revert "Remove cider-compat.el"Bozhidar Batsov2018-06-18
* Remove cider-compat.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-18
* New connection API and jack-in rewrite (#2324)Vitalie Spinu2018-06-17
* Fix a typo in cider-connections function (#2304)fourtytoo2018-06-01
* Add a FIXME to cider-classpath-libsBozhidar Batsov2018-05-27
* Improve library checkingBozhidar Batsov2018-05-26
* Add support for displaying various images (#2248)Reid D McKenzie2018-04-28
* Fix a typoBozhidar Batsov2018-03-18
* Use a more subtle way to indicate a REPL is a cljs REPLBozhidar Batsov2018-03-18
* Improve the description of cider-client.elBozhidar Batsov2018-03-12
* [Fix #2230] Check for required libraries on the classpathBozhidar Batsov2018-03-06
* [#2202] Check in advance if a ClojureScript REPL can be created or notBozhidar Batsov2018-03-05
* Remove a redundant usage of formatBozhidar Batsov2018-03-05
* Add cider-sync-tooling-evalBozhidar Batsov2018-03-05
* [#2199] Indentation adjustments, per elisp-lintNeil Okamoto2018-03-05
* Declare functions to resolve warningsgganley2018-03-03
* Remove last remnants of cljx code causing CI breakageNeil Okamoto2018-01-31
* Drop support for cljxBozhidar Batsov2018-01-21
* Improve a messageBozhidar Batsov2018-01-07
* [Fix #1913] Allow toggling of current buffer connection (#2149)dpsutton2018-01-03
* Bump the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2018-01-01
* Update cider-sync-request:resources-list to track some cider-nrepl changesBozhidar Batsov2017-12-18
* Merge branch 'master' into switchBozhidar Batsov2017-12-14
| * Replace `if-let` and `when-let` with starred versionsTianxiang Xiong2017-12-11
* | Add optional `buffer` argument to cider-connection-type-for-bufferVitalie Spinu2017-12-10
* Improve a couple of error messagesBozhidar Batsov2017-12-10
* Fix a typoBozhidar Batsov2017-12-10
* Check whether there are multiple active connections in cider-rotate-default-c...Bozhidar Batsov2017-12-10
* Fix broken evaluation in cljc files with one connectionVitalie Spinu2017-07-25
* Fix `checkdoc` errorsTianxiang Xiong2017-07-23
* Use plist to cache ns->ns-form mappingsVitalie Spinu2017-07-19
* Add connection argument to cider-nrepl-sync-request:evalVitalie Spinu2017-07-19
* Move cider-sync-request:ns-path to cider-client.elVitalie Spinu2017-07-19
* Make `cider-current-connection` retrieve the most recently used connectionVitalie Spinu2017-07-16
* Better connection types retrivalVitalie Spinu2017-07-16
* [#1875] In cljc files eval into both clj and cljs replsVitalie Spinu2017-07-13