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* Reimplement macroexpansion in terms of middlewareBozhidar Batsov2014-06-13
* Refactor macroexpansion to use cider-last-sexpBozhidar Batsov2014-06-13
* Fix a descriptionBozhidar Batsov2014-06-13
* Update copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2014-06-13
* Enforce code style via .dir-locals.elBozhidar Batsov2014-04-26
* Farewell to tabsBozhidar Batsov2014-03-11
* Drop unused optional argument bufferCharles Comstock2014-02-19
* Use lexical binding everywhereBozhidar Batsov2014-02-19
* Abstract some of the high level evaluation logicBozhidar Batsov2013-11-15
* [#414] Improve the tracking of ancilliary buffersBozhidar Batsov2013-11-13
* Autoload macroexpansion commandsBozhidar Batsov2013-11-12
* byte-compile all *.el into *.elcCharles Comstock2013-10-24
* [Fix #396] Fix cider-restartBozhidar Batsov2013-10-23
* Rename cider-interaction-mode to cider-modeBozhidar Batsov2013-10-18
* Rename project to CIDERBozhidar Batsov2013-10-17