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* Use symbols for repl types instead of strings and efficient comparisonsDieter Komendera2018-11-18
* Update a few references to the legacy tools.nreplBozhidar Batsov2018-08-12
* New connection API and jack-in rewrite (#2324)Vitalie Spinu2018-06-17
* Bump the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2018-01-01
* Replace `if-let` and `when-let` with starred versionsTianxiang Xiong2017-12-11
* Update the copyright years in the source codeBozhidar Batsov2017-01-04
* Move dictionary manipulation to its own file, nrepl-dict.elArtur Malabarba2016-04-30
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* Update the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2016-01-01
* Normalize the usage of if/when-let with that of letArtur Malabarba2015-10-21
* [Fix #1348] Remove dash dependencyRoger Gilliar2015-10-19
* Further unentangle cider-interaction from the other filesArtur Malabarba2015-10-01
* [Fix #1320] Update cider-repl--state-handler with the new syntaxArtur Malabarba2015-09-18
* Use plist instead of dict when compiling keywordsArtur Malabarba2015-09-10
* Implement dynamic font-lockingArtur Malabarba2015-09-09
* New file cider-resolve.elArtur Malabarba2015-09-09