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* Bump the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2019-01-01
* Initialize `sesman-system` in all CIDER modesVitalie Spinu2018-07-13
* Rename cider--scratch-insert-welcome-message to cider-scratch--insert-welcome...Bozhidar Batsov2018-07-08
* Rename cider-create-scratch-buffer to cider-scratch--create-bufferBozhidar Batsov2018-07-08
* Rename cider-find-or-create-scratch-buffer to cider-scratch-find-or-create-bu...Bozhidar Batsov2018-07-08
* [Fix #2373] Make it possible to configure the welcome message displayed in sc...Bozhidar Batsov2018-07-06
* [Fix #2203] Rename cider-interaction.el to cider-eval.elBozhidar Batsov2018-06-25
* New connection API and jack-in rewrite (#2324)Vitalie Spinu2018-06-17
* Bump the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2018-01-01
* [Fix #2045] *cider-scratch* is no longer an ancillary bufferVitalie Spinu2017-08-29
* Use `add-to-list` instead of `push` for ancillary buffersTianxiang Xiong2017-07-19
* Update the copyright years in the source codeBozhidar Batsov2017-01-04
* [Fix #1789] Make it easier to change the connection of the scratchBozhidar Batsov2016-10-09
* Update a few copyright headersBozhidar Batsov2016-03-27
* Acknowledge properly @Malabarba's amazing contributions to CIDERBozhidar Batsov2016-03-23
* Track a few more ancillary buffersBozhidar Batsov2016-03-09
* Fix the possible keybind clobbering by pareditArtur Malabarba2016-02-13
* Add a note about a potential keybinding conflictBozhidar Batsov2016-02-12
* Improve a docstringBozhidar Batsov2016-02-12
* Fix a docstringBozhidar Batsov2016-02-12
* Update the copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2016-01-01
* Use #' where appropriateBozhidar Batsov2015-05-27
* Update copyright yearsBozhidar Batsov2015-03-01
* Make cider's scratch more consistent with Emacs Lisp's list-interaction-modeBozhidar Batsov2014-07-31
* Move point on new scratch buffers below commentsCharles Comstock2014-06-24
* Enforce code style via .dir-locals.elBozhidar Batsov2014-04-26
* [Fix #498] Implement scratch buffer functionalityBozhidar Batsov2014-03-18