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masterchangelog for 0.10.5-2Mattia Rizzolo2 years
archive/debian/0.10.5-2commit 318cd52e4e...Mattia Rizzolo2 years
debian/0.10.5-2commit 318cd52e4e...Mattia Rizzolo2 years
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2017-08-26changelog for 0.10.5-2HEADdebian/0.10.5-2archive/debian/0.10.5-2masterMattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/control: De-duplicate Priority definition.Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/control: De-duplicate the long descriptions.Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/control: add ${shlibs:Depends} to clearsilver-dev, this end up adding a dep...Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/clean: Add file to do a more thorough clean and make possible to build the ...Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/control: Drop long obsoleted XS-Python-Version:allMattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/rules: Drop obsolete package relationship long satisfied everywhere.Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26d/rules: drop commented out lineā€¦Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26Bump debhelper compat level to 10.Mattia Rizzolo
2017-08-26Rewrite Debian build system to use the dh sequencer instead of cdbs.Mattia Rizzolo