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remove enforce_out_of_source_building
It was only used by the test suite, and while symetrical I don't feel that justifies keeping dead code.
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--- a/Debian/Debhelper/
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@@ -147,15 +147,6 @@ sub prefer_out_of_source_building {
-# Derived class can call this method in its constructor to *enforce*
-# out of source building even if the user didn't request it.
-# Build directory is set to DEFAULT_BUILD_DIRECTORY or building
-# fails if it is not possible to set it
-sub enforce_out_of_source_building {
- my $this=shift;
- $this->prefer_out_of_source_building();
# Enhanced version of File::Spec::canonpath. It collapses ..
# too so it may return invalid path if symlinks are involved.
# On the other hand, it does not need for the path to exist.