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removal of comments I'm satisfied with
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@@ -13,22 +13,6 @@ use Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Lib;
use base 'Exporter';
our @EXPORT=qw(&buildsystems_init &buildsystems_do &load_buildsystem);
-# XXX JEH as noted, this has to match historical order for back-compat
-# XXX MDX Current dh_auto_* look like:
-# configure: autotools, perl_makemaker, perl_build
-# build: makefile, python_distutils, perl_build
-# test: makefile, perl_build
-# install: makefile (with perl_makermaker) hack, python_distutils, perl_build
-# clean: makefile, python_distutils, perl_build
-# So historical @BUILDSYSTEMS order (as per autodetection, see
-# check_auto_buildable() of the respective classes):
-# autotools (+configure; the rest - next class)
-# perl_makemaker (+configure +install (special hack); the rest - next class)
-# makefile (+build +test +install +clean; configure - next class)
-# python_distutils (handles everything)
-# perl_build (handles everything)
-# XXX JEH I think that makes sense..
# Historical order must be kept for backwards compatibility. New
# buildsystems MUST be added to the END of the list.