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Bug#545676: dh_installdocs: option to link documentation directories
As discussed by e-mail, dh_installdocs could do with an option to make the documentation directory a symlink, to clean up dh-using packages that otherwise need to use override targets to arrange for dh_link to run before dh_installdocs. This turns out to be slightly involved due to the need to handle the case where you want to do this *and* also install some extra documentation in the symlink target, while also making a dangling symlink and avoiding file conflicts in the simple case, so I had to change dh_installchangelogs as well. I think this is right now; tested on debconf ('dh_installdocs -Ndebconf-doc --link-doc=debconf; dh_installdocs -pdebconf-doc') and groff ('dh_installdocs --link-doc=groff-base').
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