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dh addon interface
* dh: Add an interface that third-party packages providing debhelper commands can use to insert them into a command sequence. (See dh(1), "SEQUENCE ADDONS".) * dh: --with=foo can be used to include such third-party commands. So, for example, --with=cli could add the dh_cli* commands from cli-common. * Moved python-support special case out of dh and into a python-support sequence addon. --with=python-support is enabled by default to avoid breaking backwards compatability.
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diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
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--- a/Makefile
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@@ -63,10 +63,11 @@ clean:
install -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin \
$(DESTDIR)/usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts \
install $(shell find -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -name dh\* |grep -v \.1\$$) $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin
install -m 0644 autoscripts/* $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts
install -m 0644 Debian/Debhelper/*.pm $(DESTDIR)$(PERLLIBDIR)
+ install -m 0644 Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/*.pm $(DESTDIR)$(PERLLIBDIR)/Sequence
test: version
./run perl -MTest::Harness -e 'runtests grep { ! /CVS/ && ! /\.svn/ } @ARGV' t/*