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r450: * Modified to use dpkg-architecture instead of dpkg --print-architecture.
I hate this, and wish it wasn't necessary to make cross compiles for the hurd work. Closes: #88494 * Now depends on debconf-utils for debconf-mergetemplates. Closes: #87321 * Continues to depend on lynx for html changelog conversions. Yes, these and packages with translated debconf templates are rather rare, but it makes more sense for debhelper to consistently depend on all utilities it uses internally rather than force people to keep their dependancies up to date with debhelper internals. If I decide tomorrow that w3m is the better program to use to format html changelogs, I can make the change and packages don't need to update their build dependancies. Closes: #88464, #77743 * Test for init scripts before running them, since they are conffiles and the admin may have removed them for some reason, and policy wants us to deal with that gracefully. * dh_makeshlibs: now uses objdump, should be more accurate. Closes: #88426 * Wildcards have been supported for a while, Closes: #54197 * dh_installdocs and dh_link have been able to make doc-dir symlinks for a while, Closes: #51225
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-/etc/init.d/#SCRIPT# stop
+if [ -e "#SCRIPT#" ]; then
+ /etc/init.d/#SCRIPT# stop