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r1763: releasing version 4.9.0
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@@ -72,6 +72,9 @@ files. Documentation or example files to install, files to move, and so on.
When appropriate, in cases like these, you can use standard shell wildcard
characters ('?' and '*' and '[..]' character classes) in the files.
+You can also put comments in these files; lines beginning with "#" are
The following command line options are supported by all debhelper programs.
@@ -256,6 +259,7 @@ This is the original debhelper compatibility level, and so it is the default
one. In this mode, debhelper will use debian/tmp as the package tree
directory for the first binary package listed in the control file, while using
debian/<package> for all other packages listed in the control file.
This mode is deprecated.
=item V2
@@ -263,6 +267,8 @@ This mode is deprecated.
In this mode, debhelper will consistently use debian/<package>
as the package tree directory for every package that is built.
+This mode is deprecated.
=item V3
This mode works like V2, with the following additions:
@@ -312,6 +318,27 @@ dh_link will correct existing links to conform with policy.
+=item V5
+This mode is still under development. Its changes from V4 are:
+=over 8
+=item -
+Comments are ignored in debhelper config files.
+=item -
+dh_strip --dbg-package now specifies the name of a package to put debugging
+symbols in, not the packages to take the symbols from.
+=item -
+dh_installdocs skips installing empty files.
=head2 Doc directory symlinks
@@ -340,7 +367,7 @@ In general, if any debhelper program needs a directory to exist under
debian/, it will create it. I haven't bothered to document this in all the
man pages, but for example, dh_installdeb knows to make debian/<package>/DEBIAN/
before trying to put files there, dh_installmenu knows you need a
-debian/<package>/usr/lib/menu/ before installing the menu files, etc.
+debian/<package>/usr/share/menu/ before installing the menu files, etc.
Once your package uses debhelper to build, be sure to add
debhelper to your Build-Depends line in debian/control. You should