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r495: * dh_undocumented: check for existing uncompressed man pages. Closes: #87972
* Optimized dh_installdeb conffile finding. Closes: #119035 * dh_installdeb: changed the #!/bin/sh -e to set -e on a new line. Whether this additional bloat is worth it to make it easier for people to sh -x a script by hand is debatable either way, I guess. Closes: #119046 * Added a check for duplicated package stanzas in debian/control, Closes: #118805
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@@ -91,7 +91,8 @@ Act on all architecture independent packages.
=item B<->I<ppackage>, B<--package=>I<package>
-Act on the package named "package".
+Act on the package named "package". This option may be specified multiple
+times to make debhelper operate on a given set of packages.
=item B<-s>, B<--same-arch>