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r1655: * Added udeb support, as pioneered by di-packages-build. Understands
"XC-Package-Type: udeb" in debian/control. See debhelper(1) for details. * Dh_Lib: add and export is_udeb and udeb_filename * dh_builddeb: name udebs with proper extension * dh_gencontrol: pass -n and filename to dpkg-gencontrol * dh_installdocs, dh_makeshlibs, dh_md5sums, dh_installchangelogs, dh_installexamples, dh_installman, dh_installmanpages: skip udebs * dh_shlibdeps: skip udebs. This may be temporary. * dh_installdeb: do not process conffiles, shlibs, preinsts, postrms, or prerms for udebs. Do not substiture #DEBHELPER# tokens in postinst scripts for udebs. * dh_installdebconf: skip config script for udebs, still do templates
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@@ -325,6 +325,15 @@ files into the package, and use dh_link to set up the symlink (or do it by
hand), and debhelper should do the right thing: notice it is a dangling
symlink and not try to install a copyright file or changelog.
+=head2 udebs
+Debhelper includes support for udebs. To create a udeb with debhelper,
+add "XC-Package-Type: udeb" to the package's stanza in debian/control, and
+build-depend on debhelper (>= 4.2). Debhelper will try to create udebs that
+comply with debian-installer policy, by making the generated package files
+end in ".udeb", not installing any documentation into a udeb, skipping over
+preinst, postrm, prerm, and config scripts, etc.
=head2 Other notes
In general, if any debhelper program needs a directory to exist under