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Depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.0) for multiarch support.
Note to backporters: If you remove that dependency, debhelper will fall back to not doing multiarch stuff in v9 mode, which is probably what you want.
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@@ -516,9 +516,8 @@ Changes from v8 are:
Multiarch support. In particular, B<dh_auto_configure> passes
multiarch directories to autoconf in --libdir and --libexecdir,
while B<dh_makeshlibs> detects packages containing multiarch
-directories and sets a Pre-Dependency on multiarch-support is
-${misc:Pre-Depends} . A version of dpkg-dev supporting multiarch
-is required for this to work.
+directories and sets a Pre-Dependency on multiarch-support in
=item v8