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Add --parallel option.
This patch adds --parallel option that enables parallel builds and does not impose limits on maximum concurrent processes. --max-parallel (that implies --parallel) can be used to specify that maximum limit. Also make necessary adjustments to debhelper.pod and buildsystem_tests for this option.
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@@ -217,20 +217,24 @@ If the build system prefers out of source tree building but still
allows in source building, the latter can be re-enabled by passing a build
directory path that is the same as the source directory path.
-=item B<--max-parallel>I<=maximum>
-This option allows controlling how many parallel jobs can be used in a
-build, if parallel builds are enabled by the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS environment
+=item B<--parallel>
-If set to 1, parallel builds are disabled -- do this if the package build
-is known not to work in parallel. If the package build is known to only
-work with certian levels of concurrency, you can set this to the maximum
-level that is known to work, or that you wish to support.
+Enable support for parallel builds if underlying build system provides this
+feature. The number of parallel processes is controlled by the
+DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS environment variable (L<Debian Policy, section 4.9.1>) at
+build time. It might also be subject to the build system specific limit.
If this option is not specified, debhelper currently defaults to not
supporting parallel package builds.
+=item B<--max-parallel>I<=maximum>
+This option implies L<--parallel> and allows to further limit the number of
+jobs that can be used in a parallel build. If the package build is known to
+only work with certain levels of concurrency, you can set this to the maximum
+level that is known to work, or that you wish to support. If set to 1, parallel
+builds will be effectively forbidden.
=item B<--list>, B<-l>
List all build systems supported by debhelper on this system. The list