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dh: Remove obsolete optimisation hack that caused sequence breakage in v9 with a rules file with an explict build target. Closes: #634784
This hack was necessary back when dh ran each target, and so recursively invoked itself. If debian/rules binary ran debian/rules binary-arch ran debian/rules install-arch ran debian/rules build-arch, then debhelper commands would be running with -a throughout, and so for debian/rules binary-indep it would have to re-run all the commands with -i. The hack avoided this extra work (and expecially dh_auto_configure running twice) by first running the common commands without -i or -a and only then following through with running the explicit per-arch targets, which didn't run many (if any) additional commands. But now dh does not run implicit targets, so (unless targets are explicit), it will instead just construct a sequence of debhelper commands to run directly, and so the -a flag is avoided.
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