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Initial implementation of support for Build-Profiles fields. Thanks, Daniel Schepler.
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@@ -566,7 +566,16 @@ To facilitate this, as well as give you more control over which packages
are acted on by debhelper programs, all debhelper programs accept the
B<-a>, B<-i>, B<-p>, and B<-s> parameters. These parameters are cumulative.
If none are given, debhelper programs default to acting on all packages listed
-in the control file.
+in the control file, with the exceptions below.
+First, any package whose B<Architecture> field in B<debian/control> does not
+match the build architecture will be excluded
+(L<Debian Policy, section 5.6.8>).
+Also, some additional packages may be excluded based on the contents of the
+B<DEB_BUILD_PROFILES> environment variable and B<Build-Profiles> fields in
+binary package stanzas in B<debian/control>, according to the draft policy at
=head2 Automatic generation of Debian install scripts