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Implement source directory switching support (Closes: #530597).
* New optional option --sourcedirectory/-d. * New Buildsystem API methods for getting source directory/path (since sourcedir may no longer be topdir), source 2 build directory convertions, doit_in_sourcedir() etc. * clean_builddir() -> rmdir_builddir() rename.
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* Modular object oriented dh_auto_* buildsystem support,
contributed by Modestas Vainius
+ - dh_auto_* --sourcedirectory can now be used to specify a source
+ directory if sources and/or the whole buildsystem lives in other
+ but the top level directory. Closes: #530597
- dh_auto_* --builddirectory can now be used to specify a build
directory to use for out of source building, for build systems
that support it. Closes: #480577