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r522: * Set DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE=CVS and debhelper will exclude CVS directories
from processing by any command that takes a -X option, and dh_builddeb will also go in and rm -rf any that still sneak into the build tree. * dh_install: A patch from Eric Dorland <> adds support for --sourcedir, which allows debian/package.files files to be moved over to debian/package.install, and just work. Closes: #146847 * dh_movefiles: don't do file tests in no-act mode. Closes: #144573 * dh_installdebconf: pass --drop-old-templates to debconf-mergetemplate. Means debhelper has to depend on debconf-utils 1.1.1.
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@@ -83,10 +83,8 @@ binary-indep: build
- # Clean up CVS directories copied in if I build from CVS tree.
- find debian/debhelper -type d -name CVS | xargs rm -rf
- ./dh_builddeb
+ ./dh_builddeb -v
# Update the debhelper web page. Not intended for use by anyone except the
# author.