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authorJoey Hess <>2009-02-27 15:12:58 -0500
committerJoey Hess <>2009-02-27 15:12:58 -0500
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parent6c80d913e37857ae525d6ff7464cedcb01a67658 (diff)
dh: Support debian/rules calling make with -B
That is useful to avoid issues with phony implicit rules (see bug #509756). Apparently make treats the name of the Makfile as an automaticall set up target, so this causes it to try to build the Makefile even though it's up-to-date, and the implicit target makes it run 'dh debian/rules'. So, make that a no-op. (cherry picked from commit 378b377ef732119de4c2a08dcb9721500b017da1) Conflicts: debian/changelog dh
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diff --git a/dh b/dh
index 88dc9c4..571d4b6 100755
--- a/dh
+++ b/dh
@@ -311,8 +311,12 @@ if (! @ARGV) {
error "specify a sequence to run";
my $sequence=shift;
-if (! exists $sequences{$sequence}) {
- error "Unknown sequence $sequence (chose from: ".
+if ($sequence eq 'debian/rules') {
+ # make -B causes the rules file to be run as a target
+ exit 0
+elsif (! exists $sequences{$sequence}) {
+ error "Unknown sequence $sequence (choose from: ".
join(" ", sort keys %sequences).")";
my @sequence=@{$sequences{$sequence}};