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dh: In v9, do not enable any python support commands.
dh_pysupport has started emitting a deprecation warning, which is very annoying since it clutters every build that uses dh -- even builds where it doesn't do anything. Since there is not just a dh_python2, but also a dh_python3 waiting in the wings, this is clearly too volatile a situation for dh to try to support further. I considered making dh_python detect and run the right dh_python[23] helper -- a python helper helper as it were -- but 70-odd packages still use that command.
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@@ -162,12 +162,13 @@ after a particular debhelper command is run.
chmod 4755 debian/foo/usr/bin/foo
-If your package is a Python package, B<dh> will use B<dh_pysupport> by
-default. This is how to use B<dh_pycentral> instead.
+Python tools are not run by dh by default, due to the continual change
+in that area. (Before compatability level v9, dh does run B<dh_pysupport>.)
+Here is how to use B<dh_python2>.
#!/usr/bin/make -f
- dh $@ --with python-central
+ dh $@ --with python2
If your package uses autotools and you want to freshen F<config.sub> and
F<config.guess> with newer versions from the B<autotools-dev> package
@@ -291,9 +292,11 @@ might suggest, is subject to change at any time.
# Stash this away before init modifies it.
my @ARGV_orig=@ARGV;
-# python-support is enabled by default, at least for now
-# (and comes first so python-central loads later and can disable it).
-unshift @ARGV, "--with=python-support";
+if (compat(8)) {
+ # python-support was enabled by default before v9.
+ # (and comes first so python-central loads later and can disable it).
+ unshift @ARGV, "--with=python-support";
init(options => {
"until=s" => \$dh{UNTIL},