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Modular object-orientied buildsystem implementation (try 2).
Major changess: * Dh_Buildsystem_Option dropped and Dh_Buildsystem_Chdir functionality partitially merged into Dh_Buildsystem_Basic. renamed to to match classname. * *_impl() ditched completely. Previous {configure,build,test,install,clean}_impl() renamed to just configure(), build(), test(), install(), clean() instead. Added pre_action($action) and post_action($action) hooks instead which are called by Dh_Buildsystems::buildsystems_do(). * Builddir is handled via mkdir_builddir(), doit_in_buildddir(), clean_builddir() methods which buildsystems should call directly. Removed get_top* method, added get_rel2builddir_path(). * is_buildable() method renamed to is_auto_buildable() to reflect its purpose more. * ::perl_makefile renamed to ::perl_makemaker and which is based on ::makefile now. MakeMaker hack moved from ::makefile to ::perl_makemaker where it belongs (thanks for the tip). * Dh_Buildsystems refactored into a simple perl module rather than OO class and simplified a bit. * @BUILDSYSTEMS and is_auto_buildable() modified to 100% match historical order. TODO: user documentation (e.g. DH_AUTO_BUILDDIRECTORY and DH_AUTO_BUILDSYSTEM environment variables and common dh_auto_* options (--buildsystem and --builddirectory)). Current plugin inheritance hierarchy is like this: Buildsystem::perl_build -> Dh_Buildsystem_Basic <- Buildsystem::python_distutils ^ | Buildsystem::makefile <- Buildsystem::perl_makemaker ^ ^ ^ / | \ Buildsystem::autotools Buildsystem::cmake Buildsystem::python_distutils Signed-off-by: Modestas Vainius <>
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-my $manager = new Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Buildsystems;
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