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Update dh_auto documentation.
* dh_auto.pod -> dh_auto.7 - contains general information about dh_auto, its features, build systems supported by default (the latter is injected by man/dh_auto_pod script from Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/*.pm PODs via placeholders (#PLACEHOLDER#)) * POD in Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/*.pm -> dh_auto_<buildsystem>.7 - build system specific information. * dh_auto_* -> dh_auto_*.1 - relatively shorty description of the specific dh_auto_* program and build system specific info for that step injected from Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/*.pm with man/dh_auto_pod script. * man/dh_auto_pod $step - generates full dh_auto_$step POD (replaces placeholders). * man/dh_auto_pod - generates full dh_auto.pod (replaces placeholders). Signed-off-by: Modestas Vainius <>
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=head1 NAME
-dh_auto_configure - automatically configure a package prior to building
+dh_auto_configure - configure and prepare package sources for building
@@ -11,19 +11,25 @@ use Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Buildsystems;
-B<dh_auto_configure> [S<I<debhelper options>>] [S<B<--> I<params>>]
+B<dh_auto_configure> [S<I<debhelper options>>] [S<I<dh_auto options>>] [S<B<--> I<params>>]
-dh_auto_configure is a debhelper program that tries to automatically
-configure a package prior to building. It looks for and runs a ./configure
-script, Makefile.PL, Build.PL, or cmake. A standard set of parameters is
-determined and passed to the program that is run. If no program to run is
-found, dh_auto_configure will exit without doing anything.
+dh_auto_configure is a debhelper program that is responsible for the
+I<configure> step of the L<dh_auto(7)> building process. Since I<configure> is
+the first step, typically it is the point when build configuration options
+are set, system settings are detected and various build system specific
+temporary files are pre-generated in the build directory. Some simpler build
+systems do not need this step. In such a case, dh_auto_configure silently
+succeeds without doing anything.
-This is intended to work for about 90% of packages. If it doesn't work,
-you're encouraged to skip using dh_auto_configure at all, and just run
-./configure or its equivalent manually.
+dh_auto_configure usually pre-configures the source build system with a set of
+standard options which most Debian packages need to set anyway. Custom options
+can be passed as I<params>. If dh_auto_configure does not meet your needs or
+does not work, it is safe to skip/override it entirely and just run a configure
+script or its equivalent manually.
=head1 OPTIONS
@@ -31,7 +37,7 @@ you're encouraged to skip using dh_auto_configure at all, and just run
=item B<--> I<params>
-Pass "params" to the program that is run, after the standard
+Pass I<params> to the command that is run, after the standard
parameters that dh_auto_configure passes. This can be used to supplement
or override those parameters. For example:
@@ -39,6 +45,11 @@ or override those parameters. For example:
@@ -46,12 +57,16 @@ buildsystems_do();
=head1 SEE ALSO
-This program is a part of debhelper.
+This program is a part of debhelper and its dh_auto package source building
-=head1 AUTHOR
+=head1 AUTHORS
-Joey Hess <>
+ Joey Hess <>
+ Modestas Vainius <>