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dh_auto_build: New program, automates building the package by either running make or using (Support for cmake and other build systems planned but not yet implemented.)
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--- a/dh_auto_configure
+++ b/dh_auto_configure
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ is found, dh_auto_configure will exit without doing anything.
This is intended to work for about 90% of packages. If it doesn't work,
you're encoruaged to skip using dh_auto_configure at all, and just run
-./configure or its equivilant by hand.
+./configure or its equivilant manually.
=head1 OPTIONS
@@ -85,10 +85,7 @@ if (-x "configure") {
doit("./configure", @opts, @{$dh{U_PARAMS}});
elsif (-e "Makefile.PL") {
- doit("perl Makefile.PL", "INSTALLDIRS=vendor", @{$dh{U_PARAMS}});
-elsif (-e "") {
- doit("python", "build", @{$dh{U_PARAMS}});
+ doit("perl", "Makefile.PL", "INSTALLDIRS=vendor", @{$dh{U_PARAMS}});
=head1 SEE ALSO