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dh_auto_*: Also support packages using Module::Build.
* dh_auto_*: Also support packages using Module::Build. * dh_auto_*: Fix some calls to
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diff --git a/dh_auto_install b/dh_auto_install
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--- a/dh_auto_install
+++ b/dh_auto_install
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ B<dh_auto_install> [S<I<debhelper options>>] [S<B<--> I<params>>]
dh_auto_install is a debhelper program that tries to automatically install
built files. If there's a Makefile and it contains a "install" target,
then this is done by running make (or MAKE, if the environment variable is
-set). If there is a, it is used.
+set). If there is a or Build.PL, it is used.
The files are installed into debian/<package>/ if there is only one binary
package to act on. In the multiple binary package case, the files are
@@ -80,12 +80,15 @@ if (-e "Makefile" || -e "makefile" || -e "GNUmakefile") {
elsif (-e "") {
- doit("python", "install",
+ doit("python", "", "install",
"--no-compile", "-O0",
+elsif (-e "Build.PL" && -e "Build") {
+ doit("perl", "Build", "install", "destdir=$destdir",
+ "create_packlist=0", @{$dh{U_PARAMS}});
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