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Add FILES sections to man pages. Closes: #545041
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@@ -19,26 +19,26 @@ dh_bugfiles is a debhelper program that is responsible for installing
bug reporting customization files (bug scripts and/or bug control files
and/or presubj files) into package build directories.
-This helper program installs the following files if they are found:
+=head1 FILES
-=over 3
+=over 4
-=item B<debian/package.bug-script>
+=item debian/I<package>.bug-script
-It is the script to be run by the bug reporting program for generating a bug
+This is the script to be run by the bug reporting program for generating a bug
report template. This file is installed as F<usr/share/bug/package> in the
package build directory if no other types of bug reporting customization
files are going to be installed for the package in question. Otherwise,
this file is installed as F<usr/share/bug/package/script>. Finally, the
installed script is given execute permissions.
-=item B<debian/package.bug-control>
+=item debian/I<package>.bug-control
It is the bug control file containing some directions for the bug reporting
tool. This file is installed as F<usr/share/bug/package/control> in the
package build directory.
-=item B<debian/package.bug-presubj>
+=item debian/I<package>.bug-presubj
The contents of this file are displayed to the user by the bug reporting
tool before allowing the user to write a bug report on the package to the