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r1846: reove some stuff that does not belong on a debhelper man page
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@@ -25,16 +25,7 @@ gconf-schemas.
If a file named debian/package.gconf-defaults exists, then it is
installed into usr/share/gconf/defaults/10_package in the package build
directory, with "package" replaced by the package name. Some postinst and
-postrm fragments will be generated to launch update-gconf-defaults. The
-syntax of this file consists of lines containing the key name, some
-white space, and the key value, which can be an integer, a boolean, a
-float, a string or a list of strings. Example:
- /apps/myprogram/frob_number 42
- /apps/myprogram/do_foo true
- /apps/myprogram/priority 1.25
- /apps/myprogram/name "Gotcha !"
- /apps/myprogram/names [Ha ha!,Let's keep serious,Ho ho!]
+postrm fragments will be generated to launch update-gconf-defaults.
The gconf-schemas and update-gconf-defaults scripts are provided by the
gconf2 package. An appropriate dependency will be generated in
@@ -47,9 +38,9 @@ ${misc:Depends}.
=item B<--priority> I<priority>
Use I<priority> (which should be a 2-digit number) as the defaults
-priority instead of 10. Children distributions are encouraged to use 20
-for their branding, CDD distributions to use 50, and site-specific
-packages should use 90 or more.
+priority instead of 10. Higher values than ten can be used by
+derived distributions (20), CDD distributions (50), or site-specific
+packages (90).