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Correct docs about dh_install and debian/tmp in v7 mode
* Correct docs about dh_install and debian/tmp in v7 mode. It first looks in the current directory, or whatever is configured with --srcdir. Then it always falls back to looking in debian/tmp. * Medium urgency to get this doc fix into testing.
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@@ -40,9 +40,9 @@ package that builds multiple binary packages. You can use the upstream
Makefile to install it all into debian/tmp, and then use dh_install to copy
directories and files from there into the proper package build directories.
-From debhelper compatibility level 7 on, if --sourcedir is not specified,
-dh_install will install files from debian/tmp if the directory contains the
-files. Otherwise, it will install files from the current directory.
+From debhelper compatibility level 7 on, dh_install will fall back to
+looking in debian/tmp for files, if it doesn't find them in the current
+directory (or whereever you've told it to look using --srcdir).
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