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r559: * Added note to dh_installdebconf(1) about postinst sourcing debconf
confmodule. (Cf #106070) * Added an example to dh_install(1). Closes: #166402
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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ specified, you should not list destination directories in
debian/package.install files or on the command line. Instead, dh_install
will guess as follows:
-Strip off debian/tmp from the front of the filename, of it is present, and
+Strip off debian/tmp from the front of the filename, if it is present, and
install into the dirname of the filename. So if the filename is
debian/tmp/usr/bin, then that directory will be copied to
debian/package/usr/. If the filename is debian/tmp/etc/passwd, it will be
@@ -81,9 +81,8 @@ warned about.
=item B<--sourcedir=dir>
-Makes all source files relative to "dir". If this is specified, it is akin
-to all the source files having "dir" prepended to them. By default, "dir"
-is '.'.
+Makes all source files be found under dir. If this is specified, it is akin
+to all the source filenames having "dir/" prepended to them.
To make dh_install behave like the old dh_movefiles, move your
package.files file to package.install and call dh_install with
@@ -185,6 +184,27 @@ if ($dh{LIST_MISSING}) {
+=head1 EXAMPLE
+Suppose your package's upstream Makefile installs a binary, a man page, and
+a library into appropriate subdirectories of debian/tmp. You want to put
+the library into package libfoo, and the rest into package foo. Your rules
+file will run "dh_install --sourcedir=debian/tmp". Make debian/foo.install
+ usr/bin
+ usr/share/man/man1
+While debian/libfoo.install contains:
+ usr/libfoo*.so.*
+If you want a libfoo-dev package too, debian/libfoo-dev.install might contain:
+ usr/include
+ usr/lib/libfoo*.so
+ usr/share/man/man3
=head1 SEE ALSO