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I lied, one more v7 change slipped in..
* dh_installchangelogs: In v7 mode, if no upstream changelog is specified, and the package is not native, guess at a few common changelog filenames.
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diff --git a/dh_installchangelogs b/dh_installchangelogs
index 9ce6dc1..339313a 100755
--- a/dh_installchangelogs
+++ b/dh_installchangelogs
@@ -30,12 +30,16 @@ NEWS.Debian files. If there is a debian/NEWS file, it is installed as
usr/share/doc/package/NEWS.Debian. debian/package.NEWS files can also be
-If an upstream changelog file is specified as an option, then this upstream
-changelog will be installed as usr/share/doc/package/changelog in the
-package build directory. If the changelog is a html file (determined by
-file extension), it will be installed as
-usr/share/doc/package/changelog.html instead, and will be converted to
-plain text with html2text to generate usr/share/doc/package/changelog.
+An upstream changelog file may be specified as an option. If none is
+specified, a few common filenames are tried. (In compatability level 7 and
+If there is an upstream changelog file, it will be be installed as
+usr/share/doc/package/changelog in the package build directory. If the
+changelog is a html file (determined by file extension), it will be
+installed as usr/share/doc/package/changelog.html instead, and will be
+converted to plain text with html2text to generate
=head1 OPTIONS
@@ -60,10 +64,19 @@ Install this file as the upstream changelog.
my $upstream=shift;
my $changelog_name="changelog.Debian";
-if (isnative($dh{MAINPACKAGE}) && ! defined $upstream) {
- $changelog_name='changelog';
+if (! defined $upstream) {
+ if (! isnative($dh{MAINPACKAGE}) && !compat(6)) {
+ foreach my $name (qw{ChangeLog Changelog Changes CHANGES changelog}) {
+ if (-e $name) {
+ $upstream=$name;
+ last;
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ if (isnative($dh{MAINPACKAGE})) {
+ $changelog_name='changelog';
+ }
my $news_name="NEWS.Debian";
@@ -100,7 +113,7 @@ foreach my $package (@{$dh{DOPACKAGES}}) {
- if ($upstream) {
+ if (defined $upstream) {
my $link_to;
if ($upstream=~m/\.html?$/i) {
# HTML changelog