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authorjoey <joey>1999-11-23 21:56:41 +0000
committerjoey <joey>1999-11-23 21:56:41 +0000
commitb0ebd80067950b5ef61fd4344a88a8bf53ee31ef (patch)
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parentbfa605b326b0b75a11f8b537458fae176e0cc7d6 (diff)
r308: * dh_suidregister: Die with understandable error message if asked to
act on files that don't exist. * dh_installchangelogs: to comply with policy, if it's told to act on a html changelog, it installs it as changelog.html.gz and dumps a plain text version to changelog.gz. The dumping is done with lynx. (Closes: #51099) * Modified it so any options specified after -- are added to U_PARAMS. This means that instead of passing '-u"something nasty"' to dh_gencontrol and the like, you can pass '-- something nasty' without fiddling to get the quoting right, etc.
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diff --git a/dh_installchangelogs b/dh_installchangelogs
index 187e134..5325f7b 100755
--- a/dh_installchangelogs
+++ b/dh_installchangelogs
@@ -43,21 +43,23 @@ foreach $PACKAGE (@{$dh{DOPACKAGES}}) {
if ($upstream) {
+ my $link_to;
if ($upstream=~m/\.html?$/i) {
# HTML changelog
- doit("ln", "-sf", 'changelog.html',
- "$TMP/usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/changelog");
+ complex_doit("lynx -dump $upstream > $TMP/usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/changelog");
+ $link_to='changelog.html';
else {
+ $link_to='changelog';
if ($dh{K_FLAG}) {
# Install symlink to original name of the upstream changelog file.
# Use basename in case original file was in a subdirectory or something.
- doit("ln","-sf","changelog","$TMP/usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/".Dh_Lib::basename($upstream));
+ doit("ln","-sf",$link_to,"$TMP/usr/share/doc/$PACKAGE/".Dh_Lib::basename($upstream));