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r1658: * dh_installxfonts(1): fix link to policy. Closes: #231918
* dh_scrollkeeper: patch from Christian Marillat Closes: #231703 - Remove DTD changes since docbook-xml not supports xml catalogs. - Bump scrollkeeper dep to 0.3.14-5. * dh_installinfo: remove info stuff on update as well as remove. Policy is unclear/wrong. Closes: #231937a
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See L<update-fonts-alias(8)>, L<update-fonts-scale(8)>, and
L<update-fonts-dir(8)> for more information about X font installation.
-See Debian policy, section 12.8.5. for details about doing fonts the Debian
+See Debian policy, section 11.8.5. for details about doing fonts the Debian