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r1900: * dh_installxfonts: Random hack to deal with X font dirs moving to
/usr/share/fonts/X11/ -- look there for fonts as well as in the old location, although the old location probably won't be seen by X anymore. * dh_installxfonts: Generate misc:Depends on new xfonts-utils. * dh_compress: compress pcm fonts under usr/share/fonts/X11/ * dh_link: change example that used X11R6 directory.
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@@ -69,10 +69,10 @@ this in the package build directory of the first package acted on.
Make bar.1 be a symlink to foo.1
dh_link var/lib/foo usr/lib/foo \
- usr/X11R6/man/man1/foo.1x usr/share/man/man1/bar.1
+ usr/share/man/man1/foo.1 usr/share/man/man1/bar.1
Make /usr/lib/foo/ be a link to /var/lib/foo/, and bar.1 be a symlink to
-the X man page foo.1x
+the foo.1