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r407: * suidmanager is obsolete now, and so is dh_suidmanager. Instead,
packages that contain suid binaries should include the binaries suid in the .deb, and dpkg-statoverride can override this. If this is done to a program that previously used suidmanager, though, you need to conflict with suidmanager (<< 0.50). * Made dh_suidmanager check to see if it would have done anything before. If so, it states that it is obsolete, and refer users to the man page, which now explains the situation, and then aborts the build. If it would have done nothing before, it just outputs a warning that it is an obsolete program.
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.TH DH_SUIDREGISTER 1 "" "Debhelper Commands" "Debhelper Commands"
-dh_suidregister \- set up package to register files with suidregister
+dh_suidregister \- obsolete suid registration program
-.B dh_suidregister
-.I "[debhelper options] [-A] [file ...]"
+Do not run
-dh_suidregister is a debhelper program that is responsible for modifying the
-postinst and postrm scripts of a package so the package will register files
+This program used to register suid and sgid files with
.BR suidregister (1)
-when it is installed.
+, but with the introduction of
+.BR dpkg-statoverride (8)
+, registration of files in this way is unnecessary, and even harmful, so
+this program no longer does anything, and you can remove it from any rules
+file that uses it.
-Any filenames specified as parameters will be registered in the first
-package dh_suidregister is told to act on. By default, this is the first
-binary package in debian/control, but if you use -p, -i, or -a flags,
-it will be the first package specified by those flags.
+If your package registered things with suidregister before, you need to
+make sure that you add a versioned conflict, as follows:
+ Conflicts: suidmanager (<< 0.50)
-Files named debian/package.suid can list other files to be registered.
-If neither of these methods is used to specify files, dh_suidregister will
-scan the package build directory for files that have suid permissions, and
-will automatically register all files it finds.
-Note that this program modifies your postinst and postrm files. See
-.BR dh_installdeb (1)
-for an explanation of how this works.
-Also note that all files registered by this program will *not* be suid in the
-resulting .deb file. The postinst of the package will set their permissions
-(even if the user doesn't have suidmanager installed).
-.B debhelper options
-.BR debhelper (1)
-for a list of options common to all debhelper commands.
-.B \-A, \--all
-Register any files specified by command line parameters in ALL packages
-acted on. I doubt anyone will find this useful, it's here for consitency
-with other debhelper programs.
-.B file ...
-Register these files in the first package acted on. (Or in all packages if
--A is specified.)
-dh_suidregister does not make anything suid. It merely records the
-permissions binaries already have. If you need to make something suid, you
-must do so manually before calling dh_suidregister.
-.BR debhelper (1)
-for a list of environment variables that affect all debhelper commands.
+This is not done automatically. If your program did not previously use
+suidregister, you do not have to add the conflict.
.BR debhelper (1)
.BR suidregister (8)
+.BR dpkg-statoverride (8)
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