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r396: working toward config file globbing support. Need to modify a bunch of
function, and add support for escaped stuff
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the .man filenames properly. It'll probably just assume all man pages have
an extension, and delete that extentation, and add the correct one.
-* There will be no change to the names of debhelper config files used, I've
- decided against debian/<package>/* and the like, because although those
- subdirs do work, they're not allowed by the packaging manual, and they'd
- make source unpacking by hand a lot harder. I will leave these files
- completly as they are now. However, I will remove most of the language
- documenting that debian/<foo> works, and will deprecate that usage.
- debian/<package>.<foo> will be preferred even in single binary packages.
+ Every file in etc/ is automatically flagged as a conffile by dh_installdeb.
* Debhelper config files will support globbing via * and ?, when
- appropriate. To turn this off and use those changarcters raw, just quote
+ appropriate. To turn this off and use those characters raw, just quote
+ dh_makeshlibs will generate autoscript fragments for ldconfig. This will