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In v8 mode, dh_makeshlibs will run dpkg-gensymbols on all shared libraries it generates shlibs files for. This means that -X can be used to exclude libraries from processing by dpkg-gensymbols. It also means that libraries in unusual locations, where dpkg-gensymbols does not itself normally look will be passed to it, a behavior change which may break some packages. Closes: #557603
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@@ -7,11 +7,12 @@ v8:
* make dh_install use hard links for efficiency (maybe?)
* dh_installinit --restart-after-upgrade as default?
* #487006: dh_installman with 3-letter codes
-* apply patch in #557603 (breaks compatibility slightly; see #560120)
* clean up dh's handling of options passed onto commands it calls,
by implementing one of the changes discussed in #570039
(either change #3, change #4, or change #5; change #0 was done, but
was an incomplete workaround)
+ My preference ATM is #3, require dh options come before --,
+ and after, options to be passed on to commands.
* better package arch filtering for -N , -p (#576990)
* Support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=debug ; maybe also support passing
-g -O2 by default. See patch (and discussion of why this breaks