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r1859: * Reverted change in 4.1.9, so generation of EXCLUDE_FIND escapes "." to
"\\.", which turns into "\." after being run through the shell, and prevents find from treating -X.svn as a regexp that matches files such as foo/svn.vim. (It's safe to do this now that all uses of EXCLUDE_FIND are via complex_doit(), which was not the case of dh_clean when this change was originally made.) Closes: #349070
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EXCLUDE_FIND same as DH_EXCLUDE, except all items are put
into a string in a way that they will make
find find them. (Use ! in front to negate
- that, of course)
+ that, of course) Note that this should
+ only be used inside complex_doit(), not in
+ doit().
include conffiles. It's -x for obscure
historical reasons.