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@@ -48,6 +48,14 @@ Wishlist items:
* Add a switch to dh_installdeb to allow it to do user defined
substitutions. OTOH, maybe it's better if people just sed before debhelper gets it's hands on it... (#25235)
+* objdump -p can get the soname of a library, try using that in dh_shlibs
+ instead of parsing filenames.
+* to suport foo-doc -> foo symlinks in /usr/share/doc, make
+ dh_installdocs/changelogs check to see if the doc dir is a symlink to a
+ directory. If so, dh_installdocs does not install copyright, and
+ dh_installchangelogs does nothing, but everything else dh_installdocs would
+ do is still done. This means that you need to use dh_link and dh_installdirs
+ to set up the link and directory.