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r552: * The "reverse hangover" release.
* dh_strip: better documentation, removed extraneous "item" from SYNOPSIS. Closes: #162493 * dh_strip: detect and don't strip debug/*.so files. * Note that 4.1.11 changelog entry was incorrect, dh_perl worked fine without that change, but the new behavior is less likely to break things if dpkg-gencontrol changes. * Various improvements to debhelper(1).
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This needs more thought.
-* Support use of environment variables in data taken from user, ie, in
- debian/dirs. The problem with doing this is that we really want to allow
- any filenames in that input, even those that look like environment
- variables. However, it may be worth adding a switch to make it parse
- environment variables. (#20964)
-* It's possible to speed up debhelper by having it cache some values that
- multiple commands call. One way to do this would be to write dh_cache,
- that generates the cache. The catch is that if the user runs that program,
- they are stating that they don't do anything later to invalidate the cache,
- without calling dh_cache again. (#23792)
-* Add a switch to dh_installdeb to allow it to do user defined
- substitutions. OTOH, maybe it's better if people just sed
- before debhelper gets its hands on it... (#25235)
* install-info, as of dpkg 1.10, parses the info file for section if
--section is not given. So I should be able to stop parsing it myself for
section, after dpkg 1.10 has been around long enough.